Monday, May 17, 2010

Briggs Stratton Generators

Who hasn't heard the name : Briggs and Stratton Generators ? What nowadays has grown to be a world wide trade mark for generators and also other engines for outdoor power equipment started in 1908 as an informal partnership between Stephen Foster Briggs and Harold M. Stratton.

Portable generators are by and large used by people that are affected by power outages caused by storms accidents that could take down your electric. This sort of generator can also be useful since it is portable you can take it with you on trips. Briggs and Stratton Generators usually range in price between $500-$2200 dollars and come in several different sizes so you can determine what you will need. Generally you will not need for the entire house to be ran off the backup generator because the power should return shorty.

Portable generators are more versatile than home generator systems, as they can be transported to produce power for home backup power, DIY projects and recreational activities. The generators can be connected via an extension cord to tools or to select portion and appliances in the home.

Dependant upon just how much power supply is necessary you can chose from different engine types, tank sizes and outlet variations. Also they are available in manual start and electric start configurations.

Typically these generators are not sufficient to power a house as a whole, i.e. ac units etc.

A lasting solution should be to have a home generator system installed so that anytime power is lost your house will be automatically routed over the the generator without any downtime. These systems are very beneficial to anyone that is running home medical equipment, or has a home business and can not afford to ever be without power.

Briggs and Stratton Generators home systems usually range in price from $1650 dollars to $10,000 and can power up to 20,000 watts so based on how frequently you would use it the retail price is actually a factor. This will definitely power your entire house if need be. It generally connects to the home fuel supply so you shouldn't have to have extra gas on hand and that could be an advantage to this type.

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